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  • Tech-Bond

    Tech-Bond is a high purity of mineral mycotoxin adsorbent, processed by millions years of volcanic lava through the patented processing technology, its main characteristics are: la...Product Manual>>

  • Tech-sweet

    Sucking piglets, weaned piglets: add 100-150 g/tons feed Fattening pigs: add 50-120 g/tons feed Ruminants: add 100-250 g/tons feedProduct Manual>>

  • Tech-sweet

    Advanced preparation technology from Europe and America, using the organic combination of a variety of sweet and patented plant extracts, both smell and taste with natural “fresh...Product Manual>>


    Reduce digestive tract pH value and dietary acid; Improve digestive enzyme activity and digestibility; Inhibit the reproduction and growth of pathogen, and protect animal gastroi...Product Manual>>

  • Tech-acid Powder

    Tech-acid is a compound feed acidifier for the selection of organic acids and inorganic acids. It can not only reduce pH value of digestive tract and dietary acid, improve digestiv...Product Manual>>

  • Tech-acid (liquid)

    Effective control the pathogen in drinking water, feed and animal house, reduce microbial contamination, improve breeding efficiency. Product Manual>>