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About us (Company profile)

Meritech is one of the world’s leading green, high-efficient additives R & D company. Since the establishment of the company in 2006, we have focused on the research, development and marketing of high-efficient green feed additives. Currently, we have good relationship with 80% of the top 50 domestic feed breeding enterprises.

Meritech has series of high efficiency and high quality products: Orego-Stim (Pure natural feed additive product is finely processed with plant extracts and quality carriers), Defusion/Meri-Bond (High-efficient mycotoxin detoxicant), Tyco-Acid/Meri-Acid (Compound acidifier), Tyco-Sweet/Meri-Sweet (Natural feed sweetener), Stellagen (Compound enzyme), Meri-gram (high-efficient slow-releasing antimold), Meri-fresh/Tyco-Oxygen (antioxidant), etc.

Meritech has served in China for nearly 10 years, won reputations like “high-tech enterprises” and “high-tech products” of Guangdong Province, “top five growth promoter”, and “5A class supplier”. We take “People-oriented, innovation as the source, I have no one, I have refined” as the core concept, effectively convey the ultimate mission of “do our part to provide consumers with quality and safety of animal protein food”.